Donate clothes

Donate your clothes and give them a new life

Outdoor clothes containers are available in Tallinn and surrounding area, Tartu and Kuressaare.

Donated clothes and other textiles must be clean and dry. Footwear must be clean and not broken. Toys in good condition are also welcome. Please do not put into the clothes containers books, electronics, furniture and other homeware.

Locations in Tallinn can be found HERE and at the bottom of the page

Locations in Tartu:

Aardla Selver, Võru 79
Maxima, Anne 57
Eeden, Kalda 1c
Kivilinna Konsum, Jaama 173
Maxima, Narva road 112
Ringtee Selver, Aardla 114
Vahi Selver, Vahi 62)
Maxima, Võru 55f
Rukkilille Comarket, Tuglase 14
Veeriku centrum, Vitamiini 1
Humana shop, Kuperjanovi 20
Zeppelin centrum, Turu 14
Ujula Konsum, Ujula 2a
Jõe centrum, Sõbra 58
Annelinna centrum, Kalda 43
Annelinna Prisma, Nõlvaku 2

Locations in Kuressaare

• Marientali road / Mooni street cross
• Uus 27 parking space
• Kitzbergi street 2a parking space
• Torni street 9 parking space
• Kihelkonna road 3, near Rimi shop

Locations in Tallinn and nearby

Võsa 26

City centre:
Koidu 124 parkimisplatsil
Peterburi tee 2, T1 Ülemiste

Pärnu road 238, Järve Centrum
Männiku 98
Pärnu road 453E, Pääsküla mini-Rimi
Rahumäe 5a, waste centre

Smuuli 9, Maxima XX
Mustakivi 13, Lasnamäe Centrum Rimi
Punane 16, Idakeskus
Vikerlase 19, Laagna mini-Rimi
Linnamäe 57, Maxima XXX
Paepargi 57, Maxima XX

Kiili 16, Maxima X
Karjavälja 4, Mustika Centrum
A. H. Tammsaare 133, Maxima XX
E. Vilde 124, Maxima XX

Ehitajate 107, Nurmenuku Rimi
Haabersti 1, Haabersti Rimi
Astangu 2a, Astangu mini-Rimi
Õismäe 46, Maxima XX
Õismäe 88, Maxima X
Ehitajate 148, Maxima XXX

Sõpruse pst. 174, Sõpruse Rimi
Tedre 29
Mustamäe 18, Humana shop

Paavli 10, Rimi
Kolde pst 74
Telliskivi 61, Telliskivi Rimi

Near Tallinn
Peetri Selver, Veesaare 2, Peetri alevik
Kiili Konsum, Nabala 4, Kiili
Toome 1, Loo
Muraste Konsum, Lee 1, Muraste küla
Viimsi Maxima, Pargi 22, Viimsi vald
Jüri Konsum, Aruküla road 29, Jüri
Keila Selver, Piiri 12, Keila
Saku Selver, Üksnurme 2, Saku alevik
Pärli keskus, Nurga 3, Maardu
Maardu Maxima XX, Keemikute 2, Maardu
Maardu Rimi, Keemikute 41, Maardu
Muuga Maxima, Muuga road108, Muuga

Our clothes have an impact on environment thoughout their life cycle – from growing cotton to production to shipping to usage period to disposal. Prolonging clothes lifecycle to maximum through upcycling, reuse or recycling is helping to limit these impacts.