Donate clothes

Donate your clothes and give them a new life

Outdoor clothes containers are available in Tallinn and surrounding area, Tartu and Kuressaare

Locations in Tallinn can be found HERE

Locations in Tartu:

Aardla Selver, Võru street 79
Veeriku centrum, Vitamiini 1
Humana shop, Kuperjanovi 20
Zeppelin centrum, Turu 14
Ujula Konsum, Ujula 2a
Jõe centrum, Sõbra 58
Annelinna centrum, Kalda 43
Annelinna Prisma, Nõlvaku 2

Locations in Kuressaare

• Marientali road / Mooni street cross
• Uus 27 parking space
• Kitzbergi street 2a parking space
• Torni street 9 parking space
• Kihelkonna road 3, near Rimi shop

Donated clothes and other textiles must be clean and dry. Footwear must be clean and not broken. Toys in good condition are also welcome. Please do not put into the clothes containers books, electronics, furniture and other homeware.

Our clothes have an impact on environment thoughout their life cycle – from growing cotton to production to shipping to usage period to disposal. Prolonging clothes lifecycle to maximum through upcycling, reuse or recycling is helping to limit these impacts.